Sunday, 12 December 2010

The wisdom of Kenzi

Canada's current hit supernatural fantasy TV show Lost Girl is a pretty so so affair - kinda like Charmed but with more sex and skin. However Ksenia Solo as heroine Bo's streetwise sidekick Kenzi is great and single handidly makes it worth watching. Just give her her own show already. And it's not just me who thinks she's great either. Ksenia has a supporting role in Darren Aronofski's upcoming movie Black Swan alongside Natalie Portman.

In the meantime here's some of Kenzi's highlights...


  1. Dear God...I like her.
    Cute brunette.
    Puck rock look.
    Pop cultute references.
    Mmmmmmm. Dear Santa...

  2. You'll be pleased to know that Ksenia Solo is gradually breaking into the mainstream. Gotta chance to see Black Swan and she's one of the ballerinas. Go Kenzi!

  3. Damn! I wanna see Black Swan. I expect hers is a smaller supporting role but I bet she's still good.